Is buying a Windows 7 Home Premium key online reliable?

I'm looking to upgrade my 32-bit OS to 64-bit, and I'd like to stick with Windows 7 rather than "upgrade" to 8, considering all the negative feedback and warnings against it.

My local computer shop is selling the Windows 7 Home Premium for $159 (AUD), which seemed a little expensive to me. I can't find it in any other store, since Windows 8 is what they're all trying to push.

I did find a site called, however, which is selling said product for $71.62. But only the activation key. Here is the link:


I am just wanting to know whether:

Would really appreciate some answers.
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    Windows 7 is $112 on MSY:
    It's out of stock although, depending on where your nearest store is.

    Windows 8.1 is the same as 7, just looks slightly different. I got it to operate just like windows 7 with classic shell, which brings back the start menu, and honestly I forget i'm even on windows 8.1. You also get a performance boost in most cases, and better compatibility. You can find this $60 in which is a very trustworthy website:
  2. I'm not sure if MMOGA is a reliable site, never used it, however i too can vouch for G2A, i have purchased 2 windows 8.1 pro keys and a bunch of games and have never had any issues.
    Just be sure to always use their 'g2a shield' and select a seller with good rep, that way you should have zero problems, and if you do encounter problems they guarantee a replacement or help find a working key because of the g2a shield.
    Side note, you can also buy a cheaper win8 key, use the win8.1 iso with the free placeholder keys (temp install key) then once in windows activate it with your purchased key.
  3. Unfortunately the 8.1 Standard is out of stock on G2A, but I'll keep an eye on it - thank you for the quick answer and link!
  4. No worries, I'm glad I helped :D
  5. One last query. Microsoft have this on their 8.1 FAQ page:

    "If your PC has a 64-bit capable processor (CPU) but is currently running a 32-bit version of Windows, you can install a 64-bit version of Windows 8.1, but you'll need to buy it as a DVD and perform a clean installation. You won't be able to keep any files, settings, or apps when you update from a 32-bit to a 64-bit version."

    Does that mean I actually need the disc for installation after all, seeing as how I'm upgrading from 32 to 64; or is it just bad wording?
  6. You will need to do a clean install moving from 32bit to 64bit.
    If all you are buying is just a key online you will need to download the iso and either burn it to a dvd or copy it to a usb drive using a program such as Rufus, there are a few other programs out there that do the same thing, that's just the one i happen to use.
  7. Like SandyHamster said. You have to clean install windows, not just upgrade.
  8. You could also try Windows 10 64-bit preview for free (for now).

    It's not due for perhaps FIVE MONTHS so may be good for three to six months after that. At which point you could likely just Activate it.

    (In the past I bought W8 for $40 as an "upgrade" but I had no option to buy 64-bit W8 to upgrade 32-bit. I'm not sure what the deal is now with that, and perhaps I could have bought 64-bit upgrade anyway and had it work fine for a clean install but that's not what Microsoft stated at the time.)

    I can't say how reliable it will be but it's proven fine for me on my test system. That would be a clean install as well but if you have a spare drive to try it on you could unhook your existing Windows drive with no risk, then do a fresh install of W10, drivers etc and see how it goes.

    Canadian link (find au link if interested):
  9. Okay - so I just download the ISO through Microsoft's website, right? Use my activation key there, and then burn it to a DVD/USB with a program like Rufus?

    Sorry if it sounds like I'm asking 21 silly questions; just want to make sure I'm doing everything correctly!
  10. NO! You didn't need to buy a new key! They are interchangeable between 32 and 64 bit versions. All you had to do was dig up a 64 bit disk and install with your existing key.
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